Time’s Demise – A Child’s Tale

2015-10-21 12.16.00

A long time ago, in a land where Time was King and everyone respected an appreciated Time, lived a man called Kofi.

Kofi hated his King, Time, and wished he was Ruler of the Kingdom.
One day, Kofi decided to take over Time’s throne and make himself ruler of the land.  So Kofi, together with a few of the bad men in the Kingdom, marched to the King’s palace one hot Saturday afternoon to take over the throne.

They arrived at the palace full of hate and ready to fight. But because the King, Time, was a peace loving King, he decided to leave the palace and kingdom in order to avoid bloodshed and allow Kofi have his way and become the new King.

Kofi agreed and Time left the kingdom leaving his loyal subjects and servants behind.

Now with Time gone and with no one to prompt the kingdom when to do what and at the right time, there was absolute chaos. The servants in the palaces slept and woke up at any time. And the people of the Kingdom did anything at any time without anyone to check on them or to correct them.

People in the Kingdom began to suffer.

Due to the chaos in the kingdom, Kofi became very miserable. He sent out some of the best noblemen to go and look for their King, Time, to convince him to come back and rule over the kingdom.

The men found Time and explained everything that was happening in his absence to him. Time, their King, was moved. The King decided to go back and rule, making sure everyone did the right thing at the right time as long as Kofi, would leave the palace and allow him to rule in peace.

Upon Time’s return, Kofi agreed to what Time had asked for and Time restored the kingdom back to its old peaceful state where everyone did the right thing at the right time.

There was joy all over the land… And they all lived happily ever after.