Walk With Me.

This moment has been a long time coming. If you are here it means you just watched the trailer “Walk With Me.” And for that, I am grateful.

The making of this Documentary Film wasn’t an easy feat – but for the fact that you are reading this right now, it means we did something right and the intrigue brought you to this page.

This being my first documentary and honestly, a first for the team as well, we wanted to make sure the story was told properly and in an unbiased way. Meaning, a lot of research was put into this production and a lot of stones turned to make sure we did justice to this piece.

On my constant journey as a writer and story teller, I felt this story was necessary. For too long it had been swept under the rug and someone needed to shine a light on it.

Ten years have passed since the Ghana Disability Act of 2006 was signed into law. This law was supposed to curb the marginalization of people with disabilities and help integrate them into the Ghanaian society.

Today being World Disability Day and this year the 10th Anniversary of the law, I wanted to prick the minds of the Ghanaian society. Together with my team, we wanted to create a climate where the Ghanaian people could have a discussion about their treatment of people with disabilities. I wanted them to ask themselves, “Is Ghana a disability friendly country?”

This trailer is just a taste of what is to come in exploring this topic. But before the main Documentary is released (sometime early next year), the discussion must begin. We as a people cannot go another 10 years pretending people with disabilities don’t live side by side with us. That these same people don’t try and board the same trotro’s as we do without struggle. That these same people, do not make a majority of the people begging on our streets in Ghana. Even in some cases, locked up in hidden rooms in homes with no glimmer of hope.

There are some success stories such as the 2016 Presidential candidate for the Conventions People’s Party (CPP) – Mr.Greenstreet who is running despite he being wheelchair bound. But how many success stories are there and is it even more difficult in a society like Ghana for people like Mr.Greenstreet to be accorded the respect they deserve?

It is high time we as a people had this discussion about Disability. It is not going anywhere and we are all one accident away from being in the same situation as our disabled brothers and sisters. What are we as a people doing individually to help create the right climate for the disabled. And even if the right climate existed, what are we doing to maintain and grow it.

Therefore, “Walk With Me”. Take a walk with a disabled person and people who interact with them on the daily to know how your brothers and sisters on the disabled side are “walking” through life in Ghana.

This trailer is just a brief introduction into the world of every brave Ghanaian citizen who was bold enough to share their story with us. And on this day – World Disability Day (December 3rd), I salute each one of them.

To my Team –  Jeneral Jay for his excellent Cinematography skills, William for his Production and photography, Patrick of MotionEye Films! Such a great guy! Teff… my dear Teff who edited this whole trailer and also the main Documentary (Coming soon). Teff is Ethiopian people! He doesn’t understand a word of any of the Ghanaian languages spoken throughout the documentary. Neither can he relate to the Ghanaian situation. But the sheer humanity of this project is what drew him to it as an editor. And I am eternal grateful to him. Senyo Cue, our great sound expert! Andrew Amegatcher my contributing writer… All my producers… from Joseph, to Prince, Nii, Amarkah, Sydney (Psycho), Darkoa, Surrey and Kawawa… Thank you guys very much. Without you this project wouldn’t exist.

To my family… thank you for enduring my noise making.

And especially to my mother… thank you very much for teaching me that the world is ours for the taking! As long as we go out there and work for what we want to see reflect in our lives. We are the change we seek. “One day at a time…” even though she told me this a long time ago and she would probably not remember, this mantra has been my guide and has really taught me great lessons. Thank you Ma!

Thank you Sonya Lawrence Green for believing in me and my potential and giving me time off as my boss to work on this independent project!

To everyone who has supported me and my team… I just want to say – Thank you!

God bless… Cheers!

Yours Truly,

Kwame Asante Ofori

Creator, Writer, director and that guy always in your face asking you questions.