Zig Zag – ShortFilm (Official Trailer)

Set in Accra, Ghana – Zig Zag captures the story of a young artiste, Senior, caught in a web. He faces tough decisions where he must walk the road less taken or choose the obvious. His career as a saxophonist is on the line pending his final decision. Or is the decision really his to make? The events in the story reveal to us life is not always black or white; but how most are met with grey choices in trying to pen down their blues and stay above ground.

My debut short film, I am grateful to William (RedSpy Studios) for always buying into my wild ideas and deciding to partner with me on this project. To our Cinematographer Kofi Awuah and Sound guy Abdul Mohammed Majeed… I am eternally grateful.

The actors!!! I cant thank them enough! Great women and men who dedicated their time and talent to make all this worthwhile… God bless you! Each one of them will be introduced when the Short film is premiered.

The wonderful editing by Jeneral Jay is what brought all of this together. And to my hardworking producers: Joseph Amo-Nti, Sydney Boateng, Richmond Laryea and Darkoa Adjekum who tirelessly made sure we covered every angle on this project – I say thank you.

Nadia Hanson (Make up), Adjeley (accessories) and Morel Designs (Costume design) – you  you rock!!!

And last but not least, I want to say a big thank you to Boyd Larmie and Oversame for giving us permission to use their beautiful song “Pleasure” which fit perfectly with the message in our trailer. You can find more of Boyd’s music on Soundcloud.com. Just type “Boyd Larmie” in the search bar.

At this point, I feel very excited that you guys get to see this trailer and very soon the actual short film. Thanks for your support over the years. I promise to keep providing you with quality content as you grow with me! Ubuntu – I am because you are. Cheers!