Midnight Candid

  The lights are off in my room.
I lay in my bed with my duvet covering just my legs from the waist down.
I am naked.
Waist up, I have on my over sized dashiki.
With my head on my arm, I type this text.
The breeze in my room is just right.
I am sure you are wondering the intent of this random.
Well, I have been staring at your Display Picture (Dp) all night.
Whispering to myself how gorgeous you look in it.
My mind tells me it’s my favorite picture of you so far.
But my heart says no.
Staring into your face the last time and feeling each line was the best picture of you I could ever grasp.
As to how my heart got this lucky in capturing that image, only fate can tell.
The more my heart paints this vivid picture, the more my mind coyly giggles.
My Lips can’t help but quiver with excitement.
Now I am acting a total fool. Doing a little dance of love in my soul.
I love you. And I believe I always will.
Maybe I am particularly drawn to this Dp because I see your heart shine through your smile. It’s just beautiful. You are beautiful.
The sandman is here to do his bidding my love.
Only this time he tells me;
His magical dust for my eyes is full of your essence,
Stolen from your whispers of my name as you drift.
He says not to worry, for tonight we shall be,
No more separated by distance.
But bound by our dreams.
So I bid you dream.
For there lies our bond.
Goodnight my love.
I love you.
Vanessa Bell (1879-1961)
Painting by Vanessa Bell (1879-1961)