Dark Room.

It was dark, very dark. Pitch dark heaviness- you could feel it; almost cut through it. He crawled on the floor so he could feel his entire surroundings with every extension of his body. He heard footsteps from a distance. His heart raced. “It’s in a distance.” He thought to himself. His heart still raced. He tried hard to remain dead silent, even controlled his … Continue reading Dark Room.

The Ananses: Chronicles of Sister Ama

The Beginning… For most once upon a times, the story of Kwaku Ananse, my husband, has been told too many upon that time and in countless forms. Ananse, quite the popular lad, has been featured in many stories and forms around the world. In Europe, he was nicknamed Dolus, Hermes (yes your belt) and Loki just to mention a few. He was even worshipped as … Continue reading The Ananses: Chronicles of Sister Ama