Time’s Demise – A Child’s Tale

A long time ago, in a land where Time was King and everyone respected an appreciated Time, lived a man called Kofi. Kofi hated his King, Time, and wished he was Ruler of the Kingdom. One day, Kofi decided to take over Time’s throne and make himself ruler of the land.  So Kofi, together with a few of the bad men in the Kingdom, marched … Continue reading Time’s Demise – A Child’s Tale

Eulogy of a Dead Dove.

         Nonchalant became sorrow personified. My father’s eyes bore its presence. Screams churned into instructions. “Get out of this house! And take those little brats with you.” My mother bellowed. “I never want to see your faces again! Demons!” My sister couldn’t contain herself any longer. She broke out of my grip and run towards our mother. Before she could even touch … Continue reading Eulogy of a Dead Dove.