An Interview

I sat down close to her.

Propped myself up.

Did she notice it?

I pushed up my glasses.

I shifted a little in my chair.

Did she notice it this time?

“So Mr. Adam…”

Oh no!! She is talking to me.

 My lashes Pat too much.

Ok don’t move your hands.

Maybe she won’t notice.

“Yes. It’s a…”

Oh shit! My left shoulder just did a twirl.

Well, I sound intelligent.

Maybe she didn’t notice.

My body language.

“Does this mean…”

What?! Who?! Whew!

I thought she was asking me about…

It’s meant for the Mr. Jean.

He seems to have his gesticulations in check.

Quite strong…

He sounds very intelligent.

But I can beat him at this.

Everyone knows this.

I am smarter than he is.


Right now I guess.

No one will know.

“Did the gov…”

Sweet Jesus….

“Yes, a substantial amount…”

You have your answer now.


Ok now we play the no interjection game.

Let Mr. Jean take the spotlight.

Even though I am smarter than he is.



I can’t do this anymore.

I grow weary.

But I must keep the charade on.

Lest I am beheaded.

Well society has made me this way.

“Well… we would like to say a big thank you…”

“Always a pleasure…”

Shit! Why didn’t I say “sure”?

Or something simple?

Now for sure she will know.

Keep your cool.

Smile and Shake.

It’s over.

Now you can go back to…

Being yourself.

Away from prying eyes.

Away from Judges.

Thank Jesus!

This is difficult.

Oh God…

Oh Well…

I must… I will…I have…

And will continue to…

Keep up the charade…

Lest I am judged…


My frail heart…


I wonder if those Judges…

Have no faults…

Just because it does not show…

Like a mole…

On their face…

They choose to make me…

Like this…

“Judge not… least you be judged…”

I am patiently waiting for our FATHER.

So that as WE sit in that cinema,

Watching OUR stories,

Those who condemned,

Rather than redeemed,

Shall also be condemned,

Rather than redeemed.

For they made me like this.

They pushed me to the wall.

Pushed me into the hole.

Into the ABYSS.

An ABYSS in which I dwelt.

And thrived.

But in the Light,


“So Jean how is your fam…”

“…  Adam you are still single right?”

Right on cue.

Jean Jean Jean.

The interVIEW continues.



                                             Dedicated to YOU and the JUDGE.