It was particularly humid; the kind which kept you tossing and turning in your bed. Foolish I, thought opting for the floor that night would help my situation. Disappointment greeted me in my stride. I changed positions about a hundred times on that cursed heated floor. I curled, twirled, posed and bowed. But none of these positions calmed the discomfort. I guess it was one of those nights Luna consummated with Poseidon and in their heated pleasure, would both forget to provide the needed breeze to keep slaves like myself asleep after a tiring day. Eventually I saw myself in the third plane; a parallel reality it was. “What a relief”, I told myself. Here I could be myself, be free! If you were gifted in the craft like I was, you could visit others in their dreams, manipulate their thoughts and minds, cause them to sleep walk and do anything you want. Some of my court members and I had pleasurable times there. What is a woman to do after all? I also do have needs and trust me, working all day in the fields really did a number for most of our male slave court members. Beautiful bulges all round. The beauty of the third plane enabled us to morph into anything and most importantly – any size – we wanted.

As I sat on a bench watching others go about their dreams, some being plagued by all sorts of creatures and others being stiffly protected by the Light, a shadow was cast over me. The shadow was very familiar, almost too familiar. But it was the third plane, anything was possible. As I tried to take a closer look at who or what it was, my extension began to quiver. What was happening? Who was drawing me back into the physical? Who was strong enough and brave enough to do this? I was subsequently yanked by my extension back into the first plane, the human plane. I was ready to attack but something held me back. Master towered over my bare breast and my lifeless body. “What was going on here?” I asked myself. “Put on some clothes slave and follow me”. Master had stopped calling me Liza. A name he had conferred on me after he bought me from the merchants at Barbados.

I did as I was told and quietly followed him. Master had become a stickily figure as it stood; a remnant of his old self – a ghost. He no longer walked like the joyful man of noble decent he was, he floated before my eyes. I don’t even want to start with madam. Losing her only sister in that manner shook her soul. The spiritual balance in the house had been thrown off and it reflected in both the mansion and fields. We yielded less and the mansion contained an aura of deep dark emptiness.

We entered the nursery, little master lay there peacefully. “I know what you are slave” he said as he stroke the back hair of little master. “How do you mean master?” I asked quite sheepishly. “I know what you are capable of. Help us. Please help us” he said calmly still looking at little master. “I know not what you speak of master. May be if…” with a swift move I was up in the air. My natural defenses had kicked in and somehow master knew waving a silver dagger in a threatening manner at me would trigger it. “Come down from the ceiling Calypso, Duchess of Ogygia”, master giggled in a shrill voice. “How did he know my court name?” I wondered. It was a taboo for a non-court member to address me in that manner. Even the newer court members feared.

“How did you know…” he cut me off. “The fact that I know should tell you I am desperate. Help us Liza. I know you can. I don’t want to lose my son. I feel he is next and I don’t mind sacrificing myself for him. Please help me. Whoever is doing this wants me to suffer, see all my loved ones die before my eyes”, tears began to drip down his cheeks effortlessly. “I am tired Liza, I can’t take this anymore. I will kill myself if I have to; if that is what is needed just to save my family”, desperation rang in his voice.

There was no point in arguing and denying. I wanted to help. Little master deserved a normal life. His stars read greatness and this diversion was distorting it. I immediately went into an uncontrolled trance. “Come close me child” grand mamma Calypso had taken over my body. “This nat ya fault me child. Now clean of ya tears and be as strong as the elephant grass. Give grand mamma ya palm. It is well me child”. Grand mamma read his palm and as soon as i came out of the trance, I knew what to do. “I would need a vile of your semen, madam’s blood and a little of little master’s hair”. “What for?” master asked. “Trust me master, after all you asked for my help didn’t you? For now I need you to leave little master to rest and for you to go sleep with your wife. For this to work, love must resonate in the compound and you and madam hold that key”.

As days went by, Master was as helpless as a piece of bread floating on a river bank. He just could not get over the deaths of both his sister and his sister-in-law. Liquor was master’s friend now, his solace. He would drink all day and act in a crude and Hamlet-esque manner. There were still whispers among some section of the slaves that he had been possessed by a strange spirit. They (the slaves) will often spit anytime they discussed Master’s plight. But I paid no attention. My pot was literally brewing with a solution.

Necromancy was not a common practice on our island and the very few who practiced it had fled for fear of their lives.  I had to summon the forces to gain insight on the strange happenings.  There were a thousand and one questions I needed answers to. Grand mamma had only mentioned the word Necromancy when she had summoned up my spirit onto the fifth plane where she dwelt.

My potion was ready. Filled with my request from master, I headed out when the goddess Luna was at her brightest. I stood at the bank of the river wearing a medallion and a black bracelet which I had inherited from grand mamma. With the potion propped in front of me, next for me were the drawings of circles with smaller triangles in them. I had to create my own Red Lunar. To achieve this, I needed to pour the potion filled with the blood, semen and hair of my owners. Their spirits were automatically linked to the goddess because the goddess herself had granted little master salvation through me on the night he was born. This was therefore like giving a piece of the goddess back to her to harness the power of her blood moon. I began reciting the incantations.

There were sudden hot flashes. My head spun. I felt like giving up immediately. Something didn’t want me here and at this time doing this. I still pressed on. The medallion emitted a pulse in the river signaling the veil between the two worlds was almost open for me to seek answers. The wind started blowing profusely while a rare sound of horrors followed.

I felt the presence of the forces heavily. There was no much time so I asked the one question we all needed an answer to…for once the forces were mute…not a single word. Strange! A strange thing it was.

I called on grand mamma’s spirit to join me. If the forces were still going to keep mute then I was going to have a look at the other side myself. Grand mamma held my hands and together we peered through the veil. In the deafening noise, I saw an apparition. It was not too clear- blurry I should say. Fear griped my spine as I saw the apparition. I saw the faces of Mephistopheles and young master Lacudra take shifts. Confused was the mood. To make sure of what I had just seen I intensified my incantations. Mama’s spirit also joined us. With three generations of Calypsos I knew things would be clearer now. The forces fought back to our surprise. But we persevered until all three of us were surrounded by the ring of light – ut unum sint. At this point we knew we were invisible.

The realm of answers was suddenly opened for us. What I saw next shook my bones. In quick flashes we were transported to three answers. In the first, we were taking to a blood moon congress. There my very young self sat, cross legged chanting in my corner. And on the sacrificial stone lay a little girl, about to be taken by Pedofilis. Her parents sat close, rejoicing. Something was wrong with this picture; the girl’s parents seemed too happy; happier than normal. For even the most devout of members whose children were to be given up as a sacrifice to Pedofilis would remain gloom. As the demented spirit approached its victim, it smiled not at its victim but at me; even winking in the process. “What was happening here?” I asked myself. Grand mamma pointed to the little girl on the rock with her face covered. She was white! “That ya master’s sister” grand mamma said. The victim had been replaced at the last minute and instead of the child of a slave, a white innocent master’s sister had been used as pay back for what had been done to a member of our court by the richest slave master in the south.

I felt a sharp pain. I knew exactly what was to come next. I was immediately whisked to the second answer. Here, I saw our grand master use incantations to resurrect the lifeless body of master’s sister. Necromancy! She not only came alive but was immediately inhabited by Pedofilis. Pedofilis had used master’s sister to curse master and whoever he intended to marry. Pedofilis was out to seek white blood, master’s innocent blood. The demented demon wasn’t satisfied after it had been sent to kill the evil slave master of the south. It wanted more blood and master’s future read bright; the ultimate victim – the ultimate sacrifice. That is why madam lost five babies through painful child birth. That is why she bled so much during labor. I should have seen the signs; the gore, the profuse vaginal bleeding, just like Pedofilis likes it. He could not touch young master because he was protected directly by the Red Lunar from the potions I smeared on his lips. “Oh goddess!” I exclaimed.

Again, we were whisked to the third and final answer. Here, Pedofilis stood over the lifeless body of master’s sister. Luna, our goddess, had caused her to disobey Pedofilis and not kill master and his young family through poisoning. The demented demon therefore abandoned its disobedient host body. That explained the heavy spirit presence I felt in the room that day. “But how was madam’s sister also killed?” “All shall be revealed me daughter” mama said. We were whisked into another section, there we saw something strange. Master’s sister was still alive and still possessed by Pedofilis. “How is this possible grand mamma?” I asked with fear written over my face. “Me child, Pedofilis be a mad mad spirit. He seeketh to enter the Africa governess but she be protected by Africa witch goddess. Pedofilis geit mad and resurrect his minion female body (master’s sister) again to stab Africa governess”.

I was overwhelmed with fear at how demented Pedofilis could be. Before I could ask another question I found myself standing back at the banks of the river. “So what do I do mama and grand mamma?” I asked without hesitation. “Me child, the boy is the key. As long as he stays alive, that demented abomination touch nat ya master and madam. Gieve the young master me medallion me child, and bless it with Luna’s love”. And just like that, they were gone.

I rushed back to the mansion, and straight into little master’s room. He was fast asleep. There he lay – the strength of Kilema, our mansion.


THE END. or is it?


Written by Richmond Laryea (@IamSurrey) and myself – Kwame Asante Ofori (@mr_asante)