Eve’s Picasso.

Plastic girls in their plastic world
Making men fume with their plastic chord
Tis this fakery that binds them all
Strangling and struggling In their plastic core

Once upon a time, tis cliché
When all but her innocence remained
She found Picasso’s brush as it lay
This – the beginning of a fuss and a fad

“Is this the key to freedom” she wondered
The miracle of Eve to which they flaunted
The magic of a single stroke
This – Eve’s brush, would render all men broke

“Let’s give this a try then; after all, woman must eat mustn’t she?”
So began the creation of the banshee
A monster so loud ’twas as energy from the sun
Thus fueling this very zombie of a son

“It’s alive” the mirror shrieked
Picasso was complete
A work of art
The primary colors properly drowned her eyelids
All the rose in the world were lost to her lips
For her cheeks, Krusty the clown would blush
An awe that would make the circus crash

To the wind she cracked and smiled.

“It is finished” she said…
Indeed it is finished …
Picasso was complete
“I am complete”
Let the bidding begin.

The artwork above was originally painted by Picasso in March 1932. Named “Girl before a mirror”, this image was said to evoke Vanity. An inspiration for my Poem – Eve’s Picasso.