Where I come from…

I come from a place where good morning means nothing

A place where respect is earned

Not by Face value

But by the lining in my pocket.

I come from a place where Dabidabi 3b3y3 yie is the national anthem

Sang for some 61 years and yet nothing seems to fathom

All I hear is 3nd3 di3 ay3 yie

Sang by our supposed Nationalist

Patriots who sing to the glory of their accounts – Parrots

I come from a place where religion has left my neighbors drank with fear

Touch not my anointed they are quick to sneer

And look on as these supposed anointed parade so clear

In first class, Mercedes Benzes and motorcades

A slap for a miracle, a 9 month kick for deliverance.

We praise the messengers and not the message

Allowing so many con-artists to pitch camp in our minds.


I come from a place where people want to be thought for

Present them with facts and they will tell you

I didn’t hear it from my Aunties – Cousins – wife who is currently…

In Plain Sight

Propaganda trades, and every soul buys and sells.

A sad truth, an unending roller-coaster.

I come from a place where Roads, Schools and Electric Poles are built

And everyone wants to clap for their government

Laudable, yes… but what are you clapping for?

Who else do you expect to build these things if not your “Ministers”?

Its root word from Latin which means Servants

Instead, applaud yourself for making sure you put your Servants (ministers) to work.

The end result a testament to your future generations.

I come from a place where abrofosem is cherished over the traditional.

I lie? Turn on your radio right this minute. Satisfied?

Where I come from has beauty and splendor – Its blood of royal lineage

But like a goat to a flower – some have chosen to slowly chew on our majesty

And keep us quiet by pumping fear and lies into our lungs.

And they keep it there by hiding behind suits while we struggle with our A,B,C’s.

I come from a place, where a young man like me is never respected

Even if he is to find the cure to cancer

Just because he is young – what does he know? Or what has he seen?

To open my mouth is taboo.

To criticize my leaders in their face is sin

And therefore I am cut off… like…