finally I am also here! its been a long time coming! well the main reason why I am here is the hope of finding some sort of inspiration to finish my creative write up for submission as my final year project! dnt know if am over thinking it that’s how come I can’t seem to write like I want to or its just laziness! I do have the whole story line in my head but injecting life into it by writing it down has become the main problem! for instance,I can quickly whip up a poetic piece in 5 min…(everyone should please take out their timers if you think am not telling the truth. and pls its not prewritten. the blackberry with which I write this post is my witness)

The distance between your mouth and stomach are miles apart. 

If u deem me a liar, go ask your cousin peristalsis 

Who on a daily meal basis carries commuters of chyme 

Through the slow winding road of gravity, down through the river Stomach Acid into the Illeum valley.  

dO you guyS see what mean! well, I do pray I find the inspiration that I seek and very soon as well! am logging out for now because it seems my blackberry is a part of this writing conspiracy against me. suddenly, my indicator keeps shifting around. this is bigger than I thought.  hmmmmmmmmm! good day people!