The Mind

Beauty embodies you.


Through each and every neuron 


Creating a new path way for new beginnings


The life line of a memory, the spark of a thought


Suddenly ignited by an emotion.


Be it love? hate? or everything in between.


The Mind is a life line.


It tells us when to kill


When to be killed 


When to survive 


Survival of the fittest maybe.


The fittest mind 


The mind is a container 


Where man chooses to store up his true self 


The societal “him” and the true “him” 


Society causes the Mind to build walls


Walls not made of bricks and stones!




Walls of emotions, thoughts!


Walls so high one wonders why?


Just so the true him 


Shrivel, cold, scared


Might be protected.


From the claws of societal judgment.


So the mind in its bid to fight 


Presents the societal “him”


An epitome of what society seeks


A controlled freak 


Oh what a beautiful day it would be 


If the true “him” were to emerge 


Strong and victorious 


No boundaries, no fears nor regrets! 


Just freedom to be “himself”


But then again society is King 


So the Mind shall continue to protect “himself”


Till that day, when freedom shall see the light of day. 


And rule the Mind again.