My Dark Castle

Sitting alone in this darkness 




When will it come? 


It runs through your mind too 


Doesn’t it?


Be truthful.


Don’t make it seem like I am 


The only one expecting it.


10 minutes have passed…




30 minutes…


Still nothing!!


2 hours?!!


Now that’s just unfair!


You all know this is unfair to me!


To us!


To you.


Must I wait another life time 


Before it comes?


Are you asking me what it is?


Are you for real right now?


You are kidding right?


That you know not what I speak of.


Ok! Here it goes!


I speak of a thing 




Not to be left alone in this darkness


By loneliness 


And promised a life to share 


Laughter, joy, may be even love 


And be left to rot 


In this consuming darkness


That sucks at my soul 


Like a dementor


I see joy all around me 


But can’t experience it 


Because loneliness lied to me 


That it would leave me.


And allow a companion dwell 


With me.


Fill that void 


And make me feel wanted 


I have been a fool my friends 


To trust again. 


because nothing has changed 


So I crawl back into the darkness 


And wear my crown as King again 


In my darkness… Crossed-leg again.


A smirk on my cheeks.


At least, here I am safe.