Nn3, I will show you me krakyi powers. Hwonaa hwontiasi hwongyina nkyene na Fante diplomat rekasa.

I will not conform to nkwasiadzi for I am a krakyi. Do you know the schools I have been to? Why do I say this? My coastal brothers will agree with me when I say the Fante Forex is based on the caliber of school one attends.

Adisco, Augusco nadzi! Na 3y3 b33l33 dzaa Swesco will be your portion. Mfantsipim my alma mater did my mother proud. It spewed out a gentleman, amalaa na merika! Is there any challenger? Dwen Hwe Kan on the KwaBotwe Hill!

The son of a seaman… I currently bear the Maxwell name. Up and down the Kotokraba Street, Kuntun Blankson and Araba Mills tell Akwasi Broni of my family’s exploits.

Maxwell – since 1471; the Dutch christened my ancestors. Ancestors who Maximized their control on the Gold Coast very Well.

Ivory, gold, atadwi, or cowries; ebadzi na ep3? We would deliver. Chief Mongers, we had landed.

Edina Castle and Cape Coast castle shivered at the entry of a Maxwell. It recognized greatness when it crossed the threshold of the iron gates and hence an orgasmic welcome by its inhabitants every time to greet us.

Where did all the greatness and splendor vanish to?  You ask?

Bisa w)nananom nkurasifo no how they worshiped a ponytail in stockings.

They destroyed the natural working order. Call it jealousy over the Maxwell success.

They began to sell everything for mere pittance. Even common Ato would sell his soul just to linger in the shadow of a Pony’s tail.

First it was land, then most of our gold and some precious gems. Before we could say Jack, it was Efua, Ekua, Araba, Ama and Aba. What was happening? Wosii Slave Trade.

Thankfully we’ve moved past that. But recently I feel d33 I am reliving my ancestors experiences with the ponytails. Wodzi y3 gold nadzi ko, yankasa… wodzi y3 cocoa na Fernando Po dzibay3 nso kr)i… we kept mute as a people.

Thanks to The Almighty, we discovered black gold and that one nso, ponytail is writing us off and hence, we still wallow in Blackout.

Obrumankoma, Odapagyan and Oson will definitely be twisting and turning in their graves. They certainly didn’t lead a migration for this.

We are without the ponytail but equally carry its wisdom; yet, we still somehow suffer. A country full of books yet no words. Can’t we speak? Why do we bury our heads in books if we don’t ever intend to look up and face our adversaries?

What are we preaching to the future? Certainly not to Max-Well: Efficiently Maximize our full potential as a country Well.

What else do we need to realize we have everything we need to spiral beyond Akwasi Broni?

We have the raw material, the professors to create the equipment, the Technicians to handle the equipment and the man power to execute the duty – a duty to a nation.

A duty to transition from a gold coast to a G-olden H-ub of A-ccelerated N-atural A-ccomplishments filled with such things as an infrastructure that actually works.

Call it a dream but a Maxwell must dream. My ancestors did and once upon a time made our coastline a bustling trade line filled with different crops of people from far and wide.

Well I must end here. My fellow krakyes bid me stop. They also grow weary.