A single word, different variations.

A meaning per each

An understanding par faux


In Swahili a Thank you

In Akan an Empire

To Kodzo, Consistency

To Setri, Accommodating

To Efua, Loyal

To Nigel, Daring

To Sitso, Colorful

A single word; mutiple factions


How does thou understand thee?

It certainly cannot mean a singular

Certainly circular

Maybe plural

Particular maybe

But all round a peculiar


In french a representation of good health

Its origin of a certain cheer

The French in a deep wine stupor

A la santé would scream

Cheers to good health

Let’s cheer to good life.

Step back and relax Asante

I tell my mid of a name

Retourner et revivre Asante

I tell myself everyday

To discover thyself lays true

Within oneself, stay true

My family, my friends, my life

The love, surreal.

I am eternally grateful to You,


Because even through the Goth

On a golden chariot You have rode me forth

Today I am independent

But the interdependence of Me with my nature

On ne peut pas faire disparaître avec

Pour une bonne Santé

Let’s cheer to life

I have become a man

Because my experiences taught me well

Taught me how to be sober

Wild though these experiences were

“take the bull by the horn Asante,

leave no gold unturned”

My ancestors of the land of gold

Thy golden stool doth guide me thus

Life has a tricky way of testing your wits

Like the Kente clothe, it will weave your thread up, down and through

But like a master weaver a beautiful clothe it shall produce

A testament of a king or queen

You shall dance the Adowa at the end of your journey

Hard work and perseverance shall adorn you in full regalia

And the fruit of your labor shall decorate your feet.

So Asante – Thank you

Say thank you for every experience and every commodity you have

Because it is this experience and commodity that make you who you are

A la santé – Cheers

A cheer for each time you’ve stayed true to yourself

Even when society tried to mold you into a demon of yourself

Asante – an Empire

Be an empire, conquer each conquest

And expand your dream even in the desert places

“So when they say it’s over for you, they see you shining”.   

Soyez vous-même mes amis pour la vie est courte



Dedicated to myself on my pending birthday.