The Staircase that leads Down Below.

He heard a loud shriek down below

Down, down, down below

Was that normal, was it normal?

Slowly he got off the bed, took one more glance

At his people.


Then came the dreaded walk down below

Down, down, down below

Each step and each stair – a creek, a shriek, a sneak…

On he went

“Pearls clutched” – his heart – a race


Fear took over, deep, deep fear

Down, down, down below

But he still journeyed on, forgetting his name and existence for a brief moment

Each step an unearthing reveal

To hide, yet seek something


One, two, three, four… twenty… ONE.

Down, down, down below

This felt like forever

Was he almost there? He wasn’t? Jesus! What was that? A shadow? A rat? The devil?

Whew! Sigh!



He was almost at the door

Down, down, down below

What do I have to fear even?

Evening does not befall me

So why am I scared?


After all it’s my own house

Down, down, down below

Slowly he squeezed – turned the door knob

What met him?

Jesus Christ!


There lay in a pool of blood

Down, down, down below

His Freedom

His right to be himself, his pride, his joy

It reached out to him


Shocked … But…

Down, down, down below

He feared to even touch it

Who would touch such a thing after all?

In such a state of complete death



He just stood there and wept

Down, down, down below

Who was to blame?

His Negligence? Or something else?

Now his freedom is dead, and there is nothing he can do

Down, down, down, down below.