An Ode to Her Memory

“If you go away on a summer’s day
You might as well take the sun away”
Words I recount as I sit at bay
Wondering, how her memory still fills this day

It was just yesterday that we swung and swayed
Now 3 years past, since you went back to Clay.
How life and death cheated us without play
Now you have left us on a journey Far-Away

I still hold you dear my sweet sister
My heart you shall never leave, like a mere visitor
Even though it races faster and faster…
The hour glass will surely bring us back together.

We really miss you my Dear One
Even though we know you are with the Great One.
Sleep well oh Beautiful One
For soon, we shall all meet as One.

Dedicated To Akua Adoma Ofori… 3 years ago today, you were taken from us but 3 years after you still remain with us and forever more in our hearts and minds! I love you Adoma! Rest in peace my sweet sister!