You Will Be Fine…

“Mommy, why do we live in a classroom” she said.

Mommy looked her dead in the eye.

She was dead?

“No I am not dead”, she said to herself.

“My daughter, we live here only because I want you to know

The classroom is the best home for a child

So make mommy proud

And move from class to class

Until you get to the highest class

And become classy”


“Mommy, why are our things scattered on the ground

And that man shouting at us?”

Mommy, with tears in her eyes and a stutter in her voice,

She said,

“God sent that man my daughter to tell us to move

To a higher class

And I am only crying because I am excited my daughter

Because we are being promoted

We will be fine my dear.”

She said.


“Mommy, why do we sleep with rats and why am I so hungry” she said.

With a big smile, Mommy said…

“My daughter, the rats are your friends.

They are here to teach you a lesson.

Sometimes your teacher is not only in your classroom

Sometimes your teacher is a rat in your house my dear.

The rat will teach you how to survive my dear.”

She whispered.


“Why are you crying Mommy?” he said

With a big smile on her face, she said.

“I am not crying my son.

I am only happy because grand-Mommy is in a better place

Even though she wasn’t around…

When I fought to finish my degree…

When I fought to get my first car…

When your father fought to wife me…

When I fought to birth you…

When you fought to receive your first prize from school…

And now, you fight for your first job.

I know she is smiling at you my son

She is fine my dear”

She whispered.

“You will be fine.”


Brigham Young – “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Dedicated to my Mother. Love you Ma!